Watch: Karina Eibatova directed short to accompany Washed Out session for Daytrotter

Ernest Greene, AKA Washed Out, has been grinding non stop since last summer’s ‘Within and Without’ release – taking the much loved record to increasingly huge crowds in north America, Australasia and Japan  pretty much relentlessly. Along the way, he stopped off for a visit with the good people at Daytrotter in north Carolina to record beautifully rendered session versions of ‘Feel It All Around’, ‘Amor Fati’ and ‘You’ll See It’ on piano. The super-slowed ballads bring out the impressionstic majesty and quiet compositional grandeur of Ernest’s writing in a new way and Karina Eibatova’s beguilingly simple, innocent short visual accompaniment, released today on the new Washed Out site, suits this vibe perfectly.

Stay tuned for more Washed Out news, including UK/EU festival appearences for the Summer, to be announced shortly.