Peaking Lights share ‘Beautiful Son’ + limited edition flexi discs in shops now


As you’re probably aware if you spend any time on this site / following what we do, Peaking Lights are to release Lucifer, their amazing new album on June 18th.The band have already offered a glimpse of its magic with first single ‘LO HI’ and a steady stream of incredible mixtapes and today release ‘Beautiful Son’, the album’s  beautiful, sprawling centrepiece.

True to its title, ‘Beautiful Son’ is a loving ode to Aaron and Indra’s incredibly cool young son Mikko and is appropriately resplendent and joyful – a blown out, psychedelic waltz built around a wonderfully simple and clean piano refrain that is the closest thing to a ballad the band have conjured so far.

Listen to it below at Youtube, or if you like your kicks more real world, then look for some special, limited edition and FREE flexi-disc copies of the song in independent shops in the UK.