Hookworms sign to Weird World; debut album Pearl Mystic to be released ex-UK in September

Really pleased to announce the signing of Leeds-based Hookworms to Weird World with the band’s incredible debut album due for release on September 3rd in the world ex-UK. Those in the UK can pick the record up from its home on these shores – the amazing Gringo Records. A new studio album for Weird World is to follow in the not too distant future – news on that soon – but for now:

Hookworms  have been terrorizing headlining bands across northern England (as support with Wooden Shjips, Sun Araw and Peaking Lights), and beyond through sheer sonic velocity and emotive intent. The reel feels cathartic, each fresh revolution of the loop a confrontation between the band and themes of depression, loss and anger – subjects close to the heart of the group’s vocalist MJ.

Pearl Mystic is an absolutely thunderous statement of intent for Hookworms (MJ – vox/keys/analogues; JW – guitarist, SS – guitarist; MB – bass; JN – drums). After a portentous couple of years of live shows and limited releases, a debut self-titled EP initially came out on cassette for Sun Araw’s Sun Ark label. Soon after, there was a vinyl release on Faux Discx/Gringo Records. Both sold out. During this time their live shows continued to increase in intensity, cementing their reputation treading the boards.

Live and on record, like Spaceman 3, they pointedly subvert the tripped out sound environments of psychedelia with a darkly malevolent punk menace; unlike J.Spaceman et al, there’s no chemical assistance, these concepts and feelings come with clarity.

A relationship lost, a battle with depression, and as MJ puts it “a half-hearted suicide attempt” are running narratives throughout the album. Tracks like ‘Away/Towards’ possess an infectious energy that juxtaposes with a subtext of a bi-polar approach to coping with loss. “Preservation”, too, is in keeping with the group’s live shows, though deals with existentialism, whilst several Raymond Carver influences are scattered in and among the bold textures of sound. “In Our Time” is inspired by hill MJ would cycle up near Otley in Yorkshire after the break up to catch his favorite view in the world

The record was recorded and produced in MJ’s own Suburban Studios – where he’s worked on records for Mazes, Eagulls and Spectrals and more.

Indeed, the most impressive thing about Hookworms is that, through this torrent of emotion, there’s always the sense that they’re in control of it all, so committed are they to this catharsis that they refuse to throw any of it to chance.

Pearl Mystic will be released in the word, ex-UK on September 2/3rd 2013.  Pre-order here – first 100 copies of the LP come on coke bottle clear vinyl and include a special screen-printed poster designed by the band themselves.


1. Away / Towards
2. Form and Function
3. i
4. Since We Had Changed
5. Preservation
6. ii
7. What We Talk About
8. iii