Richard Dawson – The Glass Trunk (LP / CD / Digi album)


2012 saw another stylistic veer for Richard Dawson with the creation of The Glass Trunk. Triggered by a commission to respond to the local museum service’s archives, Dawson created an album largely from stories found in an old 17th Century scrapbook, including a lengthy paean to the sorry demise of community pillar Joe The Quilt-maker and the much-loved yet equally, viscerally dark Poor Old Horse. 6 acapella odes of between 4 and 13 minutes in length, plus a rendering of Mike Waterson’s The Brisk Lad, intersperse with a series of brief instrumental vignettes, Dawson’s guitar sparring with the electric harp of Rhodri Davies for strictly spontaneous 60-second blasts.

When Dawson produces an album, he thinks of it as a whole thing, a body, not a collection of pieces, and the deftness he applies to that process affords the finished work a rare richness and depth.

The Glass Trunk tracklisting:


  1. A Parent’s Address To His Firstborn Son On The Day Of His Birth
  2. I
  3. II
  4. Poor Old Horse
  5. III
  6. IV
  7. William And His Mother Visit The Museum
  8. V
  9. VI
  10. The Brisk Lad
  11. VII
  12. VIII
  13. Joe The Quilt-Maker
  14. IX
  15. X
  16. The Ghost Of A Tree
  17. XI
  18. XII
  19. The Ice-Breaker Baikal

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