Richard Dawson – The Magic Bridge (LP / CD / Digi album)



The Magic Bridge marked a significant leap in Dawson’s development as a musician, a moment when he seemed to find his own voice, both vocally and through his guitar playing. He’d already been performing and recording around Newcastle for several years at this stage, but The Magic Bridge suggested Dawson had experienced some major personal epiphany that had brought a unique fire to his music.

Originally released in 2011, most of the tracks on the album still make frequent appearances in Dawson’s reputedly firebrand live sets and little wonder why – it’s the sound of what was a developing Richard Dawson bursting gloriously out of his chrysalis, those first dazzling glimmers of beguilingly Beefheartian folk picking and a voice with a profound range, emotionally, musically and in terms of the peerless lyrical journeys he’s been taking us on ever since.

The Magic Bridge tracklisting


  1. Juniper Berry Floats Down The Stream
  2. Black Dog In The Sky
  3. Wooden Bag
  4. The Bamburgh Beast
  5. Grandad’s Deathbed Hallucinations
  6. Cumberland Rag
  7. We Picked Apples In A Graveyard Freshly Mowed
  8. Newcastle
  9. Man Has Been Struck Down By Hands Unseen
  10. The Magic Bridge

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