Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Dissolution

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Jaakko Eino Kalevi, the Finnish psych-pop voyager, returns with a new mini-album called Dissolution, set for release on November 22nd via Weird World. Never one to repeat himself, these seven songs forge a sparkling new constellation in the Kalevi universe as he draws deep for a set that explores the cosmic implications of a life well lived.

If last year’s Out of Touch album found him in a reflective mood, on Dissolution he’s curious and engaged, hunting for meaning on a record that takes in heavy funk, chakra-aligning electro and rococo space balladry. This is one for the outer reaches of the dance floor, where the more interesting things are usually going on.

Notably, Jaakko teams up with the Berlin-based Taiwanese singer Yu-Ching Huang for three songs, including the title track. Jaakko, who played and programmed all the instruments, wrote and produced the songs in Berlin and Helsinki.

1. Out Of Touch
2. Dissolution
3. I Am Looking Forward
4. Uutiset
5. The Source of the Absolute Knowledge
6. The Search
7. Conceptual Mediterranean (Part 2)